Whether you are renting your mountain chalet, showcasing your design talent, or selling your downtown condo, you need to create a visual impact for your customer.

Showcase your property in style with a cinematic approach


Let professional imagery speak volumes about the property you have carefully designed. Highlighting key room elements with careful framing,  a unique home experience can be imagined as the viewer is drawn in. 

Let your property truly shine like these stunning examples shared from great clients such as Design 4, and Fairshare Property Management. 




Rapid Packs - for the quickest turnaround 12-24hrs, highlighting a few best angles per space in the City of Calgary. Pick your image amount.

Extended Coverage Packs - based on home size, these 4-viewpoint per space packages give more spacial coverage and images. 24-48 hrs turnaround typical.

Detailed Hourly Packages - based on maximum coverage per space, these hourly packages allow you to estimate the booking time based on your spacial coverage needs. 

20-Image Rapid Pack

2-View Points Per Space, City of Calgary, Travel outside city $0.50/km 

Ideal for your Small property


30-Image Rapid Pack

2-View Points Per Space, City of Calgary, Travel outside city $0.50/km 

Ideal for your Medium property


40-Image Rapid Pack

2-View Points Per Space, City of Calgary, Travel outside city $0.50/km 

Ideal for your Large property


Extended Coverage 1

Small to Medium Home, Under 15-Spaces

Four viewpoints per space, 50-60 images. 


Extended Coverage 2

Large Luxury Home, More Spaces 15+

Four viewpoints per space, 70-90 images. 


Hourly Packages - 1Hr

First hour, detailed coverage shooting, 3-4 Spaces Per-Hour

Multiple viewpoints, more details, ALL images, one-hour.


Hourly Packages - 2Hr

Two hours, detailed coverage shooting, 8-9 Spaces Max

Multiple viewpoints, more details, ALL images, two-hours.


Hourly Packages - 3Hr

Three hours, detailed coverage shooting, 12-15 Spaces Max

Multiple viewpoints, more details,ALL images, three-hours.


No matter the package you choose, the highest quality images from professional shooting can be expected. All packages include the following:

* Professional High Dynamic Range Capture, Professional Full-frame DSLR Camera.

* Balanced & levelled tripod, Professional L-class wide-angle lens.

* Bright and Airy Style

* Professional colour-correction editing, lens-distortion correction.

* Simple Removal Edits

* Optional Speciality Photoshopping

* Web-resolution JPGS

* Full-Size Print Ready JPGS


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