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Standing Out From The Crowd

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Its hard to get noticed nowadays.

If you're like most people you might scan the headlines that grab your attention with shocking words or alarming warnings. We get our interpretation of the news from the headlines - not the buried story. Who has time to read the story nowadays?

Thats the sad reality of most of us - if something doesn't grab our attention in the split second we spend scrolling our phone screens down, well, its like the news didn't happen. And in todays world where most of the headlines are as alarming as the next, they just all blur together in one overwhelming noisy headache.

Which brings me back to the problem of todays overwhelming marketplace.

Todays marketplace is swamped with visual content. How could it not be?

Everyone has access to more than adequate cameras, and the ability to trade, sell or rent our belongings or property has the potential to be nearly instantaneous reaching huge crowds.

You or I can find anything, anywhere at anytime.

The potential is great, but the problem is the same. You need the attention grabbing type of image that gets you clicked on leading to sales.

But what do people gravitate towards in imagery?

Theres actually alot of science in studying peoples preferences for image beauty that keeps them looking over and over at an image - the brain actually enjoys particular images which follow certain rules, and skips or ignores images that don't.

As I've learned in the responses I've heard from my commercial clients, they tend to enjoy images with the following characteristics:

(1) The familiar

(2) Rich Colours

(3) Brightness

(4) Contrast

(5) Harmony

(6) Definition and Clarity

(7) Beauty

Incorporating these characteristics into your images should bring more attention to your product, property or anything for that matter.

How many characteristics can you find in one of my property images above? Is it the kind of image someone would skip over quickly, or probably linger on and imagine being there?

When I'm shooting for any of my clients, or for you one-day, I am aiming to showcase the rich colours of the room, with a bright and airy feel. Framing the space with balance brings a harmony to the image, and shooting from familiar angles that are typical and upright.

Crooked lines aren't desirable - look at the straight vertical wall edges in the lower image, and the horizontal lines of rug and window panes in the top image.

Both are well defined, sharp with high clarity. And the mountains in the above background are a pop of extra beauty that keeps the viewer engaged and seals the deal for you.

Use these techniques to help your images, and I'm sure you'll see a bump in your analytics. If you would like to see my services at work on your product or property - please don't hesitate to reach out - I will get you standing out from the crowd in no time.

Graeme Howard

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